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The mission of the UOC of USA Office of Archives is to maintain the institutional records of the Church. Whether as individuals, members of parishes, or as members of the governing bodies of the UOC of the USA, we are all “making history” right now. It is the job of institutional archivists and records managers to maintain those non-active records of their institution that are necessary for administrative, financial, legal, and historical purposes.

The UOC of USA Office of Archives maintains a wide range of records. For example, it includes:

  • The proceedings of regular and extraordinary Sobors, including all reports and sealed envelopes of ballots
  • Metropolitan Council meeting minutes and associated documents
  • Consistory meeting minutes and associated documents
  • Legal documents and financial records that have a retention requirement
  • Personal and Official papers and correspondence of all hierarchs and clergy of the UOC of USA and Diaspora
  • Personnel information, including files on deceased clergy
  • Correspondence between the Consistory and UOC of USA parishes, non-UOC of USA individuals and organizations, and other Orthodox and non-Orthodox Church jurisdictions
  • Non-active records of St. Andrew Cemetery
  • Non-active records of St. Sophia Seminary
  • Non-active records of all Consistory Offices of Ministry
  • Non-active deposited records of UOC Central Organizations
  • Photographs, public communications, and materials documenting major events in the life of the Church
  • Records and papers of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church and her bishops and clergy

The records of the UOC of USA are generally not open to the public. However, some personal papers of bishops and clergy and pre-1950 administrative records of the American Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA are on deposit with the Ukrainian History and Education Center, where they are being processed and made available to researchers.

In addition, the UOC of USA Office of Archives has information forms which were completed in 1951 and 1962 by UOC of USA clergy members in good standing. These forms contain information that can be of great value to genealogists, including the clergyman’s birthplace, his parents’ and spouse’s names, year of arrival in the United States (if they were an immigrant), educational history, ordination history, parish assignments, and other details. Since they normally do not contain any sensitive information and are not subject to privacy constraints, these forms can be provided to family members or researchers upon request.

In order to reach the Office of Archives and Historical Information, please contact

Dr. Michael Andrec - UOC of the USA Archivist

Consistory of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA

135 Davidson Ave.

Somerset, NJ 08873

Tel.: (732) 356-00090



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